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Tours to Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan travel. Vacation ideas - Turkmenistan holidays. Spend your holidays in Turkmenistan and choose your best Turkmenistan tour package below! Travel to Turkmenistan with OrexCA.com

Fixed tours
Fixed tours in March and April 2014. This is a unique opportunity to experience Navruz celebrations in Turkmenistan, to know its colorful traditions, to visit three UNESCO World Heritage listed historical sites of Nissa, Merw and Kunya Urgench and to experience riding an Akhalteke horse through the Turkmen desert...
Turkmenistan safari tours
OrexCA.com is inviting You to the exiting off-road safari tour in Turkmenistan, there historical and natural attractions are astonishingly allotted to the vast territory, which is equal to size of the Great Britain or Italy and where the roads often getting lost in the sands and pass to just directions. The nature and the history as if especially created this marvelous land for off-roading and Safari...
Discovery Turkmenistan tours
Discovery tours of Turkmenistan includes: Newly built mosque "Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi", which is the largest in Central Asia. Old Nissa - The Sanctuary of the Parthian Kings (Nissa is situated 15 km to the west of Ashgabat and was founded in the 3rd century B.C. Nissa was the capital of the Parthian Empire, which lasted for around 600 years and was the biggest competitor to the Roman Empire. Visit Margush Country (Gongur Depe - capital of Margush), Bronze Age civilization sites and the birthplace of Zoroastrianism. Visits to "Kyrk Gyz" Gorge and cave (mostly visited by pilgrims), Plateau of Dinosaurs...
Combined Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan tours
Combined Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan tours includes: Ashgabat - the capital of Turkmenistan, distinguishes itself with its own style, harmoniously combining the best traditions of its own national architecture and the achievements of modern town planning and construction, Old Nissa - The Sanctuary of the Parthian Kings, Margush Country - Bronze Age civilization sites and the birthplace of Zoroastrianism, Kow Ata Underground Lake, Arkadash Stud Farm where one can familiarize with the stud-farm and Turkmen Horses-Akhalteke, ancient cities of Uzbekistan - Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and capital of Uzbekistan - wonderful Tashkent, and ect...
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