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Turkmenbashy Ruhy Metjidi
Monumental Sites of Turkmenistan

Ruhy Mosque is the largest mosque in Central Asia. Twenty thousand men and woman can pray at the same time. The floor of the mosque is covered in handmade Turkmen praying mats and an enormous eight-sided carpet decorates the very center of the mosque. It consists of two floors - on the first floor men pray; on the second, women. It has four minarets and a golden dome sits the central upper part of the mosque. The height of each minaret is 91m, and the dome is 50 m high, covered in gold. The mosque is surrounded by extravagant fountains and gardens.

There is a huge underground parking area for around 100 buses and 400 cars. The total area of this complex is 36 ha.

The mausoleum of the first President of Turkmenistan, Turkmenbashy, and his family is located next to the mosque. At the opposite of the entrance to the mausoleum one will notice the memorial statute in remembrance of the 1948 earthquake in which thousands of people died. In the center of the mausoleum rests the tomb of the late Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy, surrounded by those of his family members who died in World War II and in 1948 earthquake in Ashgabat.

These days, people and guests of all ages come to see the mausoleum of the great leader and hero of Turkmenistan, Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy, who will live in the hearts of the Turkmen people forever as a symbol of humanism.

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  • Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi
    Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi
    Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi

    Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi
    Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi
    Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi
    Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi
    Turkmenbashi Ruhy Metjidi

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