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Lachin Hotel  
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Lachin Address: Neutrality Avenue, Ashgabat city

Hotel "Lachin" built in May 2009.

The original building adorned one of the main highways Ashgabat - Neutrality Avenue. Handsome hotel, designed for 200 beds, built by Turkish company "Ekol".

Two 4-storey hotel buildings, united by a spacious lobby, in its outward appearance resemble stretched its wings in flight Turkmen falcon - Lachin, who gave the name of the hotel.

Hotel offers accommodation in 87 comfortable rooms equipped according to international standards.

On the first floor of the hotel beauty salon, hairdresser, as well as pharmacy and medical center, on the second - a spacious conference hall. Between floors ply comfortable lifts.

In the lobby, decorated in national style, housed a cozy open-air cafe and restaurant venues. On a landscaped area around the hotel are divided green lawns, and improve the parking. For comfort and a favorable microclimate inside the building "responsible" self-contained life support system.

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