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Grand Turkmen Hotel  
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Grand Turkmen Address: 50, Gorogly street, Ashgabat

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Author: anvas     From: Geneva Added: 18 March 2014
Rate: 4    Stayed here on: March 2014

Very nice hotel. Great Location

I am staying in this hotel regularly for the past 10 years and it is getting better and better. Last year’s additions were a significant increase of the number of satellite TV channels and availability of free Wi-Fi in the rooms. While there is a number of very modern recently built hotels in Ashgabat, the best part of Grand Turkmen is its location in the very center of the city close to several very nice restaurants (If you like local grill and shish kebab do not miss a place called Zip, which is about 300 meters from the hotel), the central market and other attractions in downtown Ashgabat, like the Carpet Museum. Take a walk in the boulevards and parks around the hotel – very safe even at night. Service in the hotel is very friendly and helpful. Remember that only US dollars or credit cards are accepted as payment by the hotel (not local currency). Check out the carpet and souvenir shops in the lobby (make sure to negotiate the price if you want to buy something). If you decide to buy the carpet, make sure that you get a proper official export certificate from the shop to avoid problems at customs. If you have never been in Ashgabat, you will be surprised by this amazing and rapidly developing city.
Author: 2101955     From: Москва, Россия Added: 2 April 2014
Rate: 5    Stayed here on: сентябрь 2013

Райский уголок

В сентябре 2013 останавливался в отеле. Расположен в центре, недалеко рынок фруктовый. Еда в ресторане вкусная, разнообразная. На ресепшн - есть газета на русском и туркменском, в холле несколько экзотических магазинчиков, на 2-м этаже парикмахерская (цены -московские), интернет комната-переговорная. На улице, во внутреннем дворике -басейн! Тихо, спокойно. Номера неплохие, но косметический ремонт не помешает.
Author: Leonid     From: Added: 25 November 2010
Rate:     Stayed here on:

Жил в этом отеле 4 дня. Отель не тянет вообще на 5*. Максимум твердые 4*. Бассейна нет. Телевизор показывает хорошо и в цвете только в ресторане. пнтернет только в бизнес центре. Wi-Fi нет. Зато есть казино, хорошая женская компания в баре и прекрасный вид из окна на красивый фонтан
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