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Dekhistan city
Turkmenistan cities

Dekhistan was one of largest economic, trade and cultural centers of the southwestern Turkmenistan. The city existed from the 9th-14th centuries. Its total area was about 200 ha, and it was surrounded by a double ring of defensive walls. Three former caravansarais have been discovered on its territory. Pottery and brick-baking kilns, khanaka, a country mosque and bazaar square, typical for Eastern medieval cities, were placed around the city wall. Monumental buildings, including mosques, minarets, madrasahs and a number of cultural buildings were concentrated here.

The remaining architectural monuments of Dekhistan: two minarets and the remains of the portal of the mosque with fret brick designs produce the most wonderful impression. The city, being on the border of the settled oasis and nomad steppes, was one of the most important points on the intensive trade routes. One of the international caravan routes connecting Khorezm with the Arabian countries crossed through Dekhistan.

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