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Bazaars in Turkmenistan
Famous Turkmenistan markets. Turkmenistan shopping

Jygyldyk (tolkuchka) bazaar Jygyldyk (tolkuchka) bazaar
The Eastern bazaar is one of the pillars of Oriental tradition. Intricacy and ritual reign here, and trade is the art. Whatever you may desire is sold here. Famous Turkmen carpets are displayed for sale everywhere. This is a true miracle created by Turkmen women. Not surprisingly, Turkmen carpets are considered to be the most beautiful of all oriental carpets...
"Russian bazaar" - a positive tone to the human mood
No matter how comfortable and accessible modern supermarkets are, the majority of the citizens of the Turkmen capital still do their shopping at bazaars. It is natural that an exotic Asian assortment from Turkmenistan's fields and vegetable gardens is on sale here. Melons, pomegranates, grapes, dried fruit and vegetables are sold all year round...

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